Roxane Gay Will Be The First Black Woman To Write For Marvel

"We have to remember that there is no one representation of black women."

By Eric Shorey

Superhero movies may be one of the least diverse genres in cinema, but at least things seem to be getting better as far as comic books go. Take, for example, the recent Black Panther comics written by esteemed author and thinker Ta-Nehisi Coates -- which have already received almost endless praise.

Now, Coates is bringing even more variety to the writing room: he's gotten literary darling Roxane Gay (author of Bad Feminist) on board with Marvel to work on Black Panther: World of WakandaGay will be the first black lady ever hired as a writer by the publishing juggernaut.

Gay's entry into the franchise will be a spin-off, set in the fictional afro-centric continent of Wakanda. She'll be telling the story of "lovers Ayo and Aneka, former members of the Black Panther’s female security force, the Dora Milaje."

According to SCPR, Gay isn't being given any limitations on what she can or can't do with her issue. "That's been one of the most exciting and intimidating aspects of working on this project," she said. "That they have basically said, 'You can do what you want.'"

On diversity in the world of caped crusaders, Gay added: "I think that we have to remember that there is no one representation of black women. And there are absolutely black women nerds out there ... and I'm really excited to see Black Women who are already working in comics, hopefully, getting more of these high visibility opportunities."

"I think it's really frustrating," she added. "But I know I won't be the last. I think [this] shows that change is possible even if it comes a lot slower than we would like and, quite frankly, slower than we need."

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