Sean Kingston Got Jumped In The Club For His $300K Chain

Two men cornered Sean Kingston in an L.A. nightclub and made off with his jewelry.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Anyone remember when Sean Kingston claimed he was kidnapped by a jeweler over a $185K watch last year?

Well, it looks like the singer/rapper has run into even more drama over jewelry recently. TMZ reports that Kingston was jumped in the club and had a necklace worth $300K snatched right off of his neck.

According to the police report, Kingston was partying it up at the Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in L.A. when an altercation broke out between Kingston and two unidentified males. Things got physical, and the men began punching Kingston, and one even yanked the chain off of his neck. Both the men and Kingston left the scene before the police arrived, though someone from Kingston's team did file a police report, so an investigation will be launched.

The "Beautiful Girls" singer posted on Instagram last night telling his followers to "stay safe and sound" and keep their third eye open. Now I wonder what could have inspired that...

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