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Very Real

Self-Proclaimed Health Guru Yada Is Re-Teaching Anatomy To Women

Don't eat white food? Periods are unnatural? Unfortunately, he forgot to read a few books first.

By Jazzi Johnson

If you've been trolling social media over the weekend, you may have stumbled across a guy named Yada. Yada has some peculiar beliefs about women's bodies, and he's not afraid to share them -- and unfortunately, he's got traction. His videos have all garnered millions of views, and the black community is actually debating over whether or not he is legit.

Yada belongs to a group of folks who are often referred to as “hoteps." A hotep, originally defined, is an Egyptian term, but it has come to represent "spiritually enlightened" people in the black Hebrew Israelite community. Often, they're just disguising their misogyny, sexism, and all the -isms you can think of with so-called “facts.”

While I admire people who seek to find their own truth, live healthy, and spread the word-- it's important that we're paying attention to who we're getting our information from, and where they're getting their information from, too. 

Here is a roundup of some of his most insane claims.

All Food Is Bad, Especially White Food

It’s true, white foods actually aren’t the healthiest foods around.  Many white food productssuch as sugar (which is originally brown), rice, flour, etc., aren’t naturally white but become white after processing and/or refinery. In short, many of these foods are not good for you in excess. Moderation is the key to every diet.

However, there are plenty of natural white foods-- such as onions, cauliflower, turnips, white beans, and white potatoes— that are. These foods are generally full of fiber that your body needs on the daily, especially through dieting. Also, “hybrid” doesn’t automatically translate to man-made, although all man-made additions to foods aren’t harmful. As Yada says, “research what I say,” and you, too, will understand.

Women Don't Bleed If They Eat Organic Food

Dressed in a custom-made ankh hat, a True Religion tee, and Gucci belt, this self-proclaimed health guru has been stirring up quite a storm on the Internets with this second video. Here, Yada expounds upon his oft-heard complaint of women and their damn periods. This must be so aggravating for him, right?

How lucky are us black women that our ancestors weren’t running around bleeding all over the place? I can’t imagine being at work and not mistakenly spilling some blood near the coffee machine. Must’ve been an easy, breezy life!

Who knew that something women have been experiencing since the beginning of time could be caused by Europeans? What amazing powers they have, to fool us all into living this cursed life forever!

Hmm, not exactly. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Yada is that he refers to menstruation as if it is a man-made thing. He's currently selling diet plans to women with the intention of causing their periods to come to a stand-still. Hint: If that happens, seek a doctor.

Let’s just move along, shall we?

Call It A Schlong!

Lastly, Yada teaches us that men have neither cocks nor penises.

“Schlongs,” ladies and gentlemen, is the only way upon which we should be referring to men’s physical attribute of manhood. Coming from a man who has trouble coping with the actual facts readily available for consumption, it’s no surprise that he would reject the proper technical term for anything!  

Isn’t it just so lovely how Yada means “to know” in Hebrew, when he has clearly never read a book in his life? Take heed Internet, there's a difference between religion, Godliness, and dangerous bunk science.