Serena Williams Opens Up About Surprise Appearance In Beyonce's 'Lemonade'

The controversial song "Sorry" is monumental for more reasons than 'Becky.'

By Jazzi Johnson

While Beyonce's visual album Lemonade has been in rotation in our heads, on our screens, and in the tabloids-- there's many pieces to the puzzle that we have yet to pick apart. One of those finally has an answer.

Serena Williams, who appeared in the captivating visuals for "Sorry," just revealed how she came to be a part of the now infamously mysterious 'Becky' song.

“I have known the director [Dikal Rimmasch] since I was like 9 years old,” the number one ranked tennis player in the world told the Associated Press in Rome. “I know Beyoncé pretty well, so they were like, ‘We would love for you to be in this particular song. It’s about strength and it’s about courage and that’s what we see you as…’”

Williams and the Queen Bey were recently scrutinized by the rapper Khia, who compared their dual appearance in the video to a "slave master" and a "jester," referring to Williams as the latter. The news either didn't bother Williams, or (even more realistic), she simply didn't get the memo that the hypocritical rapper had an opinion worth noticing (same here, girl).

Williams made it clear that the easy, breezy Beyonce-style dancing does not come so naturally to her. "She told me that she just wants me to dance," she continued. "Like just be really free and just dance like nobody's looking and go all out. So that wasn't easy in the beginning, but then it got easier."

And what was her personal opinion on the track?

"I thought that particular song on the visual album was really a strong song, and it was also really fun at the same time."

Same. I bet I won't be the only one returning to those visuals again tonight. *Practices 'boy, bye' pose.*

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