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Property Manager On Leave After Asking Black Resident To Leave Pool

Shayne Holland was asked to leave his own apartment complex's pool, despite showing he had a key to the facility.

The manager of an Indiana apartment complex has been placed on leave after asking a black resident to leave the facility's pool.

Shayne Holland, a resident of River Crossing at Keystone apartment complex in Indianapolis, was relaxing by the pool on July 6 when he says an off-duty Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer approached him and asked him if he lived there, according to The Indianapolis Star.  

When he said yes, she asked for his address but he declined to offer it.

“I don't know you and you haven't identified yourself, so I'm not just going to give you my address," he told The Indianapolis Star. He then said he showed her his key, which grants him access to the pool, and even asked her to test it.

Holland captured part of the incident in a video that he later posted to his Twitter account.

“We got another police officer who, after I showed my key to her, walked up here and tried to kick me out of my own goddamn pool,” he says at the beginning of the video. “I pay $1,600 in rent,” he says later.

The officer then reportedly called the property manager, who Holland says he was on good terms with, according to The Indianapolis Star.

The manager reportedly came out to tell Holland his mother had left her purse in the complex during her visit the day before, according to WTHR 13, a NBC-affiliate TV-station in Indianapolis.

The manager is seen in the video as trying to reason with Holland before telling him to leave.

“There is a sign here that says that I can ask anybody to leave,” she is heard saying in the video.

“I’ve literally been sitting over here, I haven’t bothered anybody,” he says in a follow up video.

In this video, Holland shows the key to the officer again, before she takes it from him.

Holland appears seated on the pool chair throughout both the videos, and told WTHR that he did so in fear that any movement could be used against him.

"Anything that I do, she could say, 'I felt like my life was in danger'," he told the station.

Holland told Oxygen.com that he has filed complaints with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The property manager has since been placed on administrative leave and the incident is being investigated.

"That (investigation) includes talking to the employee and talking to the resident to get their point of view," Alex Stokely, vice president of a company that manages the apartment complex, told The Indianapolis Star. "Once we've finished our internal investigation, we'll decide if she continues to be an employee or if she's terminated."

Holland’s video comes at a time of increased discussion about implicit bias as black communities across the country are increasingly sharing experiences of having security called on them for unsubstantiated reasons such as hanging out Starbucks, canvassing a neighborhood for a campaign, napping in a common area on a college campus, among others.

[Photo Shayne Holland holds up his key as a proof of access to the pool in his apartment complex. By Shayne Holland/Twitter]