Sherri Shepherd Accuses Staples Of Racial Profiling (Video)

She says that an employee cursed her out after she and a friend asked to use the bathroom.

Staples just lost a customer.

Actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd recently took to social media to share a terrible experience she endured while shopping at Staples with a friend. The former co-host of The View says that, after she and a friend asked to use the store restroom, she was lied to and later cursed out.

She began, "My girlfriend @kimrtavares & I were there to get supplies for a seminar when Kim asked where was their restroom & we were told they were broken and we needed to go to @riteaid – Kim walked over to #RiteAid but their bathroom was in use so she came back to #Staples. Another employee gave us the combination to their #bathroom which worked fine."

When she confronted the employee for lying about the bathroom, Shepherd says the she began screaming "I am not going to take this sh*t. I am not going to take this f*cking sh*t!"

"#Staples this treatment by an employee is unacceptable," Shepherd's post continued. "It was embarrassing - and had I had my son Jeffrey w me it would've been a different situation. Your employees are participating in racial profiling."

Shepherd said that she plans to take her business elsewhere, and urged her followers to share her story across social media.

You can check out Shepherd's full story below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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