Sign This Petition To Get Snoop Dogg To Narrate 'Planet Earth'

Greatest idea on the plizzanet.

By Eric Shorey

The internet has a lot of dumb petitions on it. Just last month net surfers tried to get Kanye to stop making a David Bowie tribute album he never was even working on. And before that, Netflix addicts attempted to get Steven Avery pardoned by Obama (which is not something he can even do).

But amongst the garbage, a wonderful treasure has emerged: there is now a petition to get Snoop Dogg to narrate an entire season of stoner-favorite nature documentary series Planet Earth. Ain't America great?

The idea started when a video of the D-O-Double G talking about sea otters went viral on social media:

What began as a joke on Jimmy Kimmel Live quickly became one of the shining achievements of the World Wide Web, spawning a few more iterations of the short series:

Oh Snoop. Don't ever allow anyone to let your complete lack of knowledge of the animal kingdom stop your love of nature.

Anyway, the petition (which at the time this post was written has almost 50,000 signatures) simply reads, "Snoop Dogg has narrated some Planet Earth in the past but yo we need him to narrate full episodes. Sign the petition if you agree."

Fair enough!

You can sign this momentous document yourself over here. Together, we can really change the world. For the better.

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