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Simone Biles Admits She Loves When Fans Scream When They See Her

And 72 other very cool things that you wouldn't guess.

Simone Biles is the best gymnast in the world and that seems like it should be enough, but she’s also incredibly poised and calm in Vogue’s 73 Questions video.

She gets grilled by the voice of an unseen man and various planted gymnasts around her practice space. I assume they sent her a list of what the questions would be to prepare, since many moments seem staged, for instance biting into the gold medal she just happens to be wearing so she can say what it tastes like. But there are also a couple of moments where she needs to pause and think, like when she’s asked who the most famous celebrity following her is. It’s Zendaya.

It’s also incredibly sweet that Biles’ favorite fan reaction is when girls start screaming when they notice her. It’s like she’s The Beatles of athletes. It’s easy to put someone like Biles on a pedestal, because she literally has been on one at the Olympics, but the very regular list of her likes and dislikes make her seem just like us—until she casually does a flip outta nowhere. And no, you can't have abs like her. At least I know I could protect Simone Biles from spiders, if she asked me to.

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