Siya’s Top 5 Tips for Balancing Love & Hip Hop

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Having it all ain’t easy. In Season 1 of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Siya struggled balancing a hip-hop career and her relationship with girlfriend Renaye. The demands of being a female rapper--late-night sessions in the recording studio, endless touring and jealousy--often clashed with spending quality time with Renaye. The two eventually called it quits after a tear-filled season. Siya has since moved on to better things and is in a new relationship. Happier than ever, the rapper opened up with 5 ways she learned how to balance love and hip-hop.

1. Time is Not the Enemy: Being a rapper is a 24/7 job and sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day for romance. But Siya creates time for her relationship. “My thing is, people make time for who they want to make time for,” she explains.

2. Find a Team Player: The ups and downs of the hip-hop industry--especially the lows---are better experienced when you know your boo has your back. “When you’re dealing with someone who supports you, that makes it ten times easier, you know what I mean?” says Siya. She says her new girlfriend is truly supportive of her career.

3. Learn to Prioritize: The same way a rapper prioritizes recording or doing interviews for her career, she has to learn to prioritize when it comes to matters of the heart. “My career’s a priority and the person I’m dealing with is a priority as well,” says Siya. She doesn’t buy the excuse of not having time to spend with her significant other. “When it’s a priority, you make it a priority.”

4. No Regrets: Although things didn’t go as planned with Renaye, Siya has no regrets and she feels that she learned a lot from a bad situation. “I learned my lesson. I’m just happy everything happened the way it happened,” she says. What went down with Renaye opened up Siya’s eyes, and her heart, and she’s learned to be in a healthy relationship. “It just made me even more confident to leave the person I was dealing with.”

5. Keep it on the Down Low: Despite being a celebrity, Siya wants to keep her personal life just that--personal. She says she often cringed at seeing her old relationship play out for the cameras and this go-around, she wants to try to keep what goes on at home private. “I’m keeping it private for now,” she laughs.

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