Snoop Dogg Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger A Racist

We've already got an idea of how these two can resolve their issues.

By Eric Shorey

It seems that two of the most bombastic personalities in showbiz are getting into it, although the unlikely pairing of newfound enemies borders on the surreal. According to TMZ, Snoop Dogg is calling out Arnold Schwarzenegger after a shady political deal allowed the (former) governor to free a friend's son from prison.

On Sunday, Esteban Nunez was freed from jail 10 years early. Nunez had pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter after attacking an unarmed man when he was denied access to a local frat party. Nunez potentially faced up to life in prison, but found himself freed after only six years of serving time -- largely because his dad, Fabian Nunez, is a political ally of Arnold's.

Snoop ain't taking this news sitting down. Launching a foul-mouthed attack on the Republican politician and action hero via Instagram, Snoop calls attention to the obvious cronyism here, noting that his friend Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a famous leader of the Crips, died by lethal injection in San Quentin Prison in 2005. Arnold had refused to stay his execution.

Here's the (NSFW because of language) video:

No response yet from Schwarzenegger. Considering both celebs have been inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame, I can think of one interesting way these two could resolve their differences.

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