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Some People Believe Kim K Faked Her Robbery To Get Butt Reduction Surgery

And they have side-by-side photos as "proof"...

New day, new way to call Kim Kardashian a liar. After Kim was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel, there were plenty of people jumping on board to call her a liar. Even other celebrities! Kim retreated from social media since many suggested that flaunting her wealth was what gave the robbers access and opportunity to find her alone. She’s just started making tentative steps toward posting again, and BAM. Folks are back to building conspiracies.

Now it’s being suggested that Kim Kardashian faked her robbery as a way to recover from a butt reduction surgery, posting side-by-side photos of her most recent pics with her photos pre-robbery:


Let’s talk about why that’s ridiculous.

First of all, there is literally video of her robbers escaping the scene, verified by the Paris police.

Secondly, people lose weight, especially after a pregnancy.

Third: do you not think that Kim Kardashian could figure out a way to hide a butt surgery without severely damaging her brand, opening herself up to public mockery, and reporting a false crime? That would be such a dangerous decision, especially if she were ever caught. I won’t say whether or not Kim’s butt is fake because I both don’t know and don’t care. And if you think the Queen of Selfies can’t get around photographing her own ass for a few months, you don’t know Kim Kardashian.

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