Study Proves That Black Women With Natural Hair Receive Seriously Negative Bias

And their most critical judge? White women. *Insert feminism flag*

By Jazzi Johnson

Let's be honest: we didn't really need a study to prove this. Many natural haired black women have already experienced this throughout their lives -  but now we have the stats.

Conducted by Perception Insititute in 2016, “The ‘Good Hair’ Study: Explicit and Implicit Attitudes Toward Black Women’s Hair" explored the levels of bias against hair types in general and work-related life. According to Teen Vogueit was inspired by the SheaMoisture campaign "Break The Walls" that challenged natural hair prejudices in the workplace.

So, what did they find? Well, for one, it's not looking too good for those white women allies we're so used to hearing about in the feminist realm. "White women demonstrate the strongest bias — both explicit and implicit — against textured hair, rating it as less beautiful, less sexy/attractive, and less professional than smooth hair," concluded the study. "However, white women who engage regularly with naturalista communities have lower levels of bias."

Naturally, black women have the most "positive implicit and explicit attitudes toward textured hair than all other women," although they receive the worse "social stigma of wearing natural hair." Black women are also "twice as likely to report social pressure to straighten their hair at work compared to white women," and experience more anxiety about their hair and the financial burden of upkeep than anyone else.

Luckily, it seems that tides are changing. Millennials "have more positive attitudes toward textured hair than all other women. This is consistent with past studies showing that millennials identify as progressive, confident, self-expressive, and open to change."

The news is not shocking. Black women have received the worst backlash for daring to be their natural selves for ages. From Lupita N'yongo having to check a major publication to Google's "unprofessional" natural hair bias to the racial slurs at popular fashion shows-- you'd think the only reason they would want black women to go back to frying their hair is because we have the highest rate of harmful beauty products in the nation. *Sips tea.*

But anyway, long live the truth so that we don't have to combat #alternativefacts anymore.

[Photo: Naila Ruechel / Getty Images]

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