Style Tips From ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’ Star Siya

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Siya has a style that’s all her own. Female artists and celebrities are usually pressured to look a certain way--neck breaking stiletto heels, fully beat glam face and showing as much skin as legally possible--that fits the stereotype of beauty. Scratch that. Siya breaks the mold of what we see on TV, onstage and in the pages of magazines--and she’s helping usher in a new wave of real beauty. The Sisterhood of Hip Hop star shares how she stays true to herself--always keeping it 100--while still looking fly.

1. Comfy and Cozy: Siya likes to keep it cozy and wear sweatpants whenever she can. “Honestly I’m always in sweats,” the Brooklyn rapper laughs.

2. Just Do It: Who says gym clothes belong in the gym? Siya’s not a huge gym rat but she likes to rock athletic wear when she’s in grind mode.  “I’m always in the Nike Tech Pack. I wear a lot of those to the studio,” she explains. “I just rock it because I’m comfy.”

3. Rep the Brand: Siya’s gotta rep her brand. You may have spotted her wearing fitted hats and shirts from her DVMN PIGEON line on season one of Sisterhood of Hip Hop or Instagram. She wears the New York-based brand onstage too. “For a show, I’m always in DVMN PIGEON. You know that,” she laughs. “Gotta represent the brand.”

4. Stay Fly: Just because she’s not a girly girl doesn’t mean that Siya doesn’t like to dress up. So what does she rock when she goes out with her friends? "If I’m with my friends, it depends on where we’re going and what we’re doing. If we’re going out to the club I may throw on a fresh pair of sneakers, you know what I mean? Fly it out.” Stay fly, Si.

5. Chill Out: Rappers may compete with each other over who’s the hottest “fashion killa,” but Siya’s mind is on her music (and not on what’s in her closet.) “I’m in work mode,” she says. “If I’m not in sweats, I’m in some chill sh*t. I don’t really have a fashion sense going on right now. Just me chillin’.” Effortless swag.

Catch Siya on Season 2 of Sisterhood of Hip Hop Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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