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Very Real

Susan Sarandon Ain't Got Time For Ageism and Sexism. Neither Does Her Cleavage.

Shutting conservatives down, one revealing bra at a time.

By Eric Shorey

Susan Sarandon has now reached Carrie Fisher levels of DGAF. After wearing an outfit equal parts flattering and revealing to the SAG Awards, the legendary Rocky Horror Picture Show alum found herself the target of hate from conservatives who suggested she should act her age, show some respect, and cover up a bit. Sarandon's response: nah.

At 69 years old, Susan is looking snatched for the gods. Why anyone would complain about her looks is beyond me, but conservative news commentator Piers Morgan decided to come for her anyway, due to the fact that she was presenting the "In Memoriam" reel in the ceremony.

Piers Morgan is a barely competent news anchor let alone a functional fashion correspondent. His comments were out of line and inappropriate, end of story.

Luckily Miss Janet Weiss herself found herself ultimately unbothered. While Susan Sarandon is certainly capable of verbal smackdowns from an entire career of impressive political activism, she found herself rising above this rude rhetoric with a rebuttal both shady and smart. Here's her classy response:

The moral here, as always, is: Don't dream [of wearing scandalizing outfits to prominent award ceremonies], be [the person who wears scandalizing outfits to prominent award ceremonies].