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Tattoo Artist Jailed After Giving Woman A Penis Tat Instead Of A Yin-Yang Symbol

Can you even imagine?

How's this for a douche move? In Austria, a woman received the shock of her life when she tried to get a fairly simple tattoo and went home with some seriously offensive ink.

Austrian publication The Local reports that the anonymous 21 year-old woman requested a tattoo of the yin-yang symbol on her back, but the "hobbyist" tattoo artist -- inspired perhaps? -- went with a penis and the F word instead. Considering that she'd even described the exact tattoo she wanted and showed him a mock-up before she went under the needle, it was quite a nasty shock. She didn't even notice that she'd been duped until she'd gone home and removed the bandage, at which point she alerted the authorities.

When a judge later asked the 21 year-old tattoo artist why he'd done such a heinous thing, he answered, "Just because."

The man was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail and will reportedly be held in an institution for mentally abnormal offenders. What the hell, Austria?


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