Taylor Swift's Controversial "Wildest Dreams" Director Went In On Kim Kardashian

"The irony of one of the most untalented women in the world attacking one of the most talented."

By Aimée Lutkin

Since Kim Kardashian put Taylor Swift on blast for lying about Kanye West’s song “Famous,” and her level of involvement in it, her friends have either been suspiciously quiet, or foolishly vocal. A somewhat less public famous person is director Joseph Kahn, who was responsible for Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” video. At the time, that video came under fire for presenting a bizarre colonialist fantasy of Africa, in which everyone is white.

Kahn responded at the time by tweeting, “My long time producer Jil Hardin who did Power/Rangers, Blank Space, Wildest Dreams is a (super hot) black woman FYI.”

Hey, if she’s super hot, nothing racist could be going on, right?

Kahn is back with the confusing declarations, coming to Swift’s defense on Twitter by really taking a crap on Kim Kardashian, writing, “The irony of one of the most untalented women in the world attacking one of the most talented.” He also alluded to O.J. Simpson and the murder of Nicole Brown, saying, “Ain't the first time the Kardashians supported the murder of an innocent blonde woman,” and “How dare you bring up a murder of a woman with the Kardashians - when no one knew what a Kardashian was until they supported the murderer!”

Read his full rant below.

You gotta wonder if these tweets were Taylor-approved. They don’t seem like her usual arsenal of passive-aggressive allusions to her very specific view of feminism. Perhaps she’s too busy contemplating her next move to pay attention to Kahn.

TMZ reports that Swift is still considering pressing charges against Kanye for recording her, and that she wants the full tape released, because it allegedly shows she never knew the word “b*tch” would be included in the song. Ugh, Taylor. A Kanye West song without the word “b*tch” in it is like a sky without stars.

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