The 10 Dopest Company Perks

Car washes, massages, puppy insurance and tuition stipends? Here's proof you're working for the wrong company. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Working for the weekend? Hate your job? Every job isn’t a terrible, soul-sucking 9-to-5. More and more companies are offering employees cool and unique perks to keep them happy, motivated and working (and off Facebook). Whether you’re looking for a new gig or just want to see how much greener the grass is elsewhere, here are 10 of the dopest company perks. 

1.  4-Day Work Week at Uniqlo

T.G.I.F. is no longer a thing at Uniqlo. The Japanese clothing store is offering some employees a four-day work weeks instead of the usual five. According to the company that owns Uniqlo, the practice was adopted to retain good employees, especially women. Shortening the work week can lead to more productivity and overall job satisfaction—think about how much better you feel after a long weekend!

2. Unlimited Maternity Leave at Netflix

Netflix has made all of our lives better (Hello! Netflix & Chill, anyone?) so it’s no wonder that the company treats its employees great. For new moms juggling diaper changes, colic and sleep-deprivation, Netflix allows its web-based employees unlimited maternity (or paternity) leave during the first year after having a baby. 

3. Nap Time at Huffington Post


Ariana Huffington had an "a-ha" moment when she collapsed after working herself ragged. A rested employee is a better employee, so she has installed nap rooms and breathing classes at The Huffington Post to focus on well-being. 

4. Free Food, Massages, Car Washes, Tuition Stipends and More at Google


There’s no such thing as free lunch. Well, at Google there is. The tech giant has put everyone’s company perks to shame with free lunches and dinners, massages, car washes, oil changes and $12,000 in tuition stipends.

5. Play Ball! at Yahoo


When you’re a kid, you get recess. As an adult, you’re lucky to get a 15-minute walk around the parking lot during your lunch time. Not at Yahoo! Hit the company’s basketball and sand volleyball courts to get the adrenaline pumping.

6. Puppy Insurance at Scripps Health


While some companies aren’t even offering basic health insurance, Scripps Health is looking out for your dogs and cats with pet insurance. Yep, now Fido and Rex can get the shots and veterinarian trips they need with breaking the bank.

7. Paid Volunteer Leave at Timberland


It’s not easy to get your good deeds in while working a full-time job. At Timberland, service work is compensated. The shoe and clothing brand offers 40 hours of paid time off for volunteering. Pull up your sleeves and get to work…and with your Timberland discount, you’ll look good too.

8. Concierge Services at SC Johnson & Son


SC Johnson is sticking to its “family company” reputation. The company behind everyday brands like Glade and Windex offers concierge services so employees can get chores and errands done while at work, leaving free time for fun and family.

9. Follow Your Dreams Sabbatical at Deloitte


Sometimes your job isn’t your dream job, but at Deloitte, you can have it all. The company offers sabbatical leave so employees can travel and pursue their dreams right now --  instead of waiting until retirement. Deloitte offers four unpaid weeks off to do whatever you want and three to six months (MONTHS!) of partially paid leave to volunteer or pursue a career-enhancing opportunities.

10. Girl Boss Mentoring at Hallmark

Women are often warned about hitting the glass ceiling, and cat fights while climbing the corporate ladder. At Hallmark, the vibe among women is support and mentorship. Women executives offer career advice and seminars to fellow women. At last count, 63 percent of the managers and executives at the card giant are women.

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