The 11 Most Brutal, Vengeful Celebrity Breakups Of All Time

No one breaks up like celebrities.

By Jazzi Johnson

Breakups are hard to do, especially when you're a celebrity. Tensions are already high enough, but when you add social media and a ruthless public, you've got seriously bad choices and total f*cking bedlam. 

Here are the top 11 most brutal, vengeful celebrity breakups of all time.

1. . Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson were a superstar couple back in the 90s. Their sex tape became one of the most successful in American history. They got hitched that year, just four days after having met each other. The couple divorced in 1998, and dated again in 2001, after which Anderson revealed she had contracted Hepatitis C from Lee. Anderson also accused Lee of beating her while she was breastfeeding their son, and tried to wrangle custody from him. Today, they're good friends.

2. . Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Most people think about Angelina Jolie when they heard Brad Pitt, but oh how we easily forget. Back in 2000, Pitt and Jennifer Aniston married after two years of dating. They were initially known as the power couple of Hollywood, before Mr. And Mrs. Smith came along. On the movie set in 2014, Pitt and Jolie fell in love. In 2005, Aniston and Pitt finalized their divorce...and that blockbuster movie came out. I can't really say the two publicly battled it out, but fans of Jolie and Aniston did that all on their own. It was the biggest debate of the year— and to this day, I'm still #TeamAniston just because.

3. . Ciara and Future

Unfortunately, this fallout is still ongoing. It all started when Ciara and Future got engaged in 2013. While making arrangements for the nuptials, they also got busy getting busy, and Ciara birthed their son just three months prior to them calling it quits late 2014. Future has spoken on the breakup the most, claiming it was due to growing apart, but the story reads different from the singer's side...which points to cheating. While the world may never know, what is known is that the fallout has been traumatic. Future has tweeted about his ex repeatedly, calling her a "bitch with control problems." The two are still in court today, having just settled a child custody case, and will continue to meet for Ciara's ongoing defamation lawsuit. On the sunny side, Ciara is now newly, happily married and Future is... still making music about it.

4. . Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

If all you ever remember about Britney Spears is her bald head, know that it was all caused by this guy: K. Fed also known as Kevin Federline. Married in 2004, Federline was just three months fresh out of a relationship with then-pregnant actress (and mother of his other children) Shar Jackson. After the wedding, Spears took a break to start a family and had two sons with the dancer. Reports of drug abuse began to surface around the time she was seen driving around with her infant son in her lap, and then reports of infidelity and emotional instability followed. By 2006, the two were divorced, she lost her close aunt to ovarian cancer, shaved her head, and went ham on a papparrazzo's car. She then admitted herself to a rehab facility and later lost custody of her sons to Federline. It was very traumatic for many of her fans to see. Glad to see that her comeback is still going strong.

5. . Hulk and Linda Holgan

Terry "Hulk Holgan" Boella and Linda "Holgan" Boella married in 1983. In 2007, Linda and Terry were getting divorced, their son Nick was facing legal issues for reckless driving, and their daughter Brooke was developing a lackluster singing career. It was revealed that the Hulk had been unfaithful (again) and the two no longer wanted to work towards reconciliation. Things got messy when the wrestling legend began dating their daughter's friend, and Linda began dating their son's classmate. Gross.  

6. . Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran

Sure, Rihanna and Chris Brown deserve to be on this list, but we all know that story— and it's a triggering one. So, the Karreuche Tran and Chris story it is! These two began dating in 2011 and had a falling out in 2012, when Rihanna and Chris began to rekindle their "friendship." By 2013, it was all very unclear what was going on there; he would be seen with both women on and off for a period of time. Rihanna even confessed her love for the guy publicly again. Eventually, that fizzled out, and he and Karreuche were officially on again until early 2015. It was revealed that Brown fathered a baby with another woman while the two were together and Karreuche left his ass-- but not without him publicly pleading for her return. He followed her to parties, harrassed her on social media, fought with her manager and her best friend, it just goes on and on and on. After Karreuche appeared on the controversial Iyanla, Fix My Life episode-- she was basically done discussing him. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Chris Brown but... this is Chris Brown, after all. 

7. . LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet

LeAnn Rimes, married to her husband Dean Sheremet of seven years, had an affair with her co-star Eddie Cibrian of Northern Lights. Cibrian was also married at the time to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville. The two ended up wedding just two years later in 2011 and they're still going strong today. On Ellen, Rimes said, "It could have been handled a lot better, you know. But maybe we both didn't have the tools at the time to do it properly." I call that a cop out, LeAnn!

8. . Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were the epitome of cougar heaven in 2005. Demi was a mere 41, toned and shapely, marrying the 26 year-old effortless #baegoals Ashton Kutcher. They appeared to be happy, didn't they? But then in 2011, the two separated and divorced. Later it was revealed that it was due to infidelity, and the papers revealed irreconcilible differences. The fallout was horrible. Demi visibly took it hard. Moore ended up hospitalized and eventually landed in rehab due to how she handled the situation. It was a sad moment for cougar Hollywood.

9. . Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand broke up after he sent her a text message asking for a divorce...on New Year's Eve. That's an important place to start. The pair met in 2009, wed in 2010, and were kaput by the time the clock struck 12 for the first time in 2012. Katy remains that she was blindsided, and by 2015, she hadn't even spoken to Russell. If nothing else sounds deliberately f*cked than ignoring your wife for years after telling her your marriage is over, then I have nothing for you.

10. . Kehlani and PartyNextDoor

Kehlani and PartyNextDoor were dating rather publicly from 2014 to 2015. A short few months after they broke up, it was rumored that Kehlani and Kylie Irving were dating. Fast forward to a very confusing day just a little over a month later: PND wanted to make something Instagram official— he and Kehlani coming back together and having sex. "After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed," he bragged (ew). Accompanied with a picture of the two's very identifiable tatted hands, the picture was clear. Kyrie's girl? Well, so they thought. Internet trolls began flooding Kyrie's social media telling him about his backstabbing girl (in much worse words), while using snake emojis and slut-shaming comments on Kehlani's wall. The backlash was so much that Kehlani-- who has publicly spoken about battling with depression-- attempted suicide. Kyrie confirmed that the two had broken up, PND took down the photo, and Kehlani erased her social media presence at the time. You'd think that that would help solidify the on-again-off-again lovers, but not too long after, PND was considered a prospective lover of Kylie Jenner's during the time she had broken up with long-time boyfriend Tyga. I mean, it's just all so messy. No one knows the status of any of their relationships at this time. 

11. . Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Normally, I'd let women who are out here living their lives, dating it up, and getting around just do them— but this one, Taylor Swift, she's a bit different. It's just something about the way she treats her old lovers once it's all said and done. Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift actually seemed to be going for the long haul— they lasted over a year (gasp!). That's from February 2015 to June 2016, and boy, what a falling out it has been. What seemed like immediately after the split, Taylor was seen snuggling up - publicly! - with Tom Hiddleston just two weeks after the news broke. Then, Swift's team leaked that she had written his recent hit with Rihanna- and well, the way Harris responded I don't think anyone expected. Not only did he spill his truths on Twitter for all to see and addressed Swift directly for playing low-ball, he also spent time hanging out with Kim Kardashian after she released the tapes that proved Swift had lied about Kanye West asking for her blessing to use the line he created about her in the song "Famous" (I'm out of breath now). It's only been smooth sailing since then, but I feel like this isn't over. Of course, there's Swift's entire new album that we have to look forward to. Kanye disses, Harris disses, Kim disses - oh my!


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