The Best Responses From Female Celebrities To Body Shaming Trolls

Social media goes both ways.

By Aimée Lutkin

The downside of social media is that it sometimes feels like anyone can come and make you feel like crap who’s willing to sign up for a Twitter account. Anonymity makes people feel brave in a way they wouldn’t if they were looking someone in the face. It’s far, far worse for women. If you’re a female celebrity, then your life of power, money and fame is balanced on the scales by the thousands of people telling you what they think about your thighs.

A lot of female celebrities have learned to clap back via social media, bravely wading into the comments to flush out the trolls lurking in the deep. Sometimes their messages of body positivity are inspiring, sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re even a scary glimpse into a public life. Whatever you think of how they dealt with their detractors, they’re all women exercising their voice. Let’s slow clap for the ladies telling these trolls to get the hell back under their grimy bridge.

Amy Schumer telling everyone to get a life:


Amber Riley getting some stuff off her chest:

I got some things I need to get off my chest, and my thighs, and my stomach 🙄

A video posted by Amber Riley (@msamberpriley) on


Kesha using sign language:


Daisy Ridley preaching kindness:


Tia Mowry's got something cooking:


Ariel Winters is tired of the clothing police:


Kim Kardashian can't please anybody:


Iskra Lawrence confirms the rumors:


Gigi Hadid can't hear the negativity

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on


Rumer Willis tells it like it is:


Criticizing someone else doesn't make you feel better about yourself. Especially if they call you out and have literally a million followers.


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