The Body Positive #AerieMan Campaign Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

It might be a spoof, but Aerie may have accidentally struck gold.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Are we entering a new age of body positivity for men?

The models chosen to promote Aerie's new line of men's underwear are a refreshing change of pace from the perfectly-sculpted, oiled-down physiques you might see in, say, a Calvin Klein ad. The #AerieMan campaign features "real men" in all their naturally hairy, love-handle-having glory.

According to the website, the campaign is "a celebration of REAL men who love themselves inside and out."

"AerieMan means absolutely no retouching and a new, body-positive approach to men's underwear," the description continues.

Sounds great, right? Men aren't immune to feeling like crap about their bodies because they don't look like underwear models, so why not throw a little positivity their way? Too bad it might all be one big joke. The Huffington Post reports that they received hi-res photos from Aerie with file names that included the word "spoof."

That's some pretty damning evidence, but even if the campaign was created as something of a joke, that doesn't make the end result any less amazing. See for yourself:

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