The Car Tyga Bought For His Mother Is About To Get Repo'd, Too

Iyanla, fix his finances!

By Jazzi Johnson

Tyga's been having a lot of money issues surrounding luxury cars and/or the lack thereof. The latest news on his extraordinary debt: that Kylie is being questioned about his outlandish spending and could face arrest if she doesn't comply with the investigation. Yikes!

But the hits just keep on coming, and I'm not talking about his revived music career

TMZ reported that the repo man is setting up for a take two, and this time he's coming for Tyga's mother. A woman from Orange County, CA is threatening the rapper for unpaid bills for a Range Rover that Tyga bought for his mom. The woman claims that he stopped paying monthly installments on the bill, and she's about ready to call it in stolen.

The Range Rover in question was over $60,000, a fully loaded Evoque, and his payments are set to $1,000 per month. Basically chump change for his sugar mama, Kylie.

TMZ reports that Tyga hired an entirely new team of accountants, business managers, and attorneys to assist with all of the debt the rapper has piled on since his coming into money without a financial advisor, which has hurt him tremendously. They also said that they're doing what they can so that he "won't be taken advantage of again." That's interesting.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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