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Very Real

The Cast of 'The Sandlot,' All Grown Up


Yer KILLIN us, Smalls! #TheSandlot then and now.

By Valerie Williams

If you were a kid in the 1990’s, you definitely saw The Sandlot. Possibly, multiple times. If you're like me, you still quote it with great regularity. This movie was so fantastic for its nostalgia element and overall amazingness. A fun storyline, memorable characters and quotes that still work today make it a classic for our generation. Some of the actors went on to bigger careers while others never acted again. One of them is in the Syfy movie Lavalantula later this month. Here are some of the most-loved characters from the movie and what they’re up to now:

1. Mike Vitar

Mike played the baseball-obsessed Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. His character was incredibly popular and while he went on to star in another sports movie franchise (The Might Ducks) he stopped acting shortly after. Now, Mike Vitar has the career a million little boys would kill for – he has been a firefighter with the LAFD since 2002. (Picture from Tumblr)

2. Tom Guiry

Tom Guiry's character was shy new kid, Scotty Smalls. He arrived in his new town right at the end of the school year and had no friends until Benny came along and asked him to be their ninth man, despite his total lack of baseball skills. Tom acted in a few projects after The Sandlot, including The Black Donnellys. But sadly, he is best known now for his 2013 arrest for the assault of a police officer. You’re killing me, Smalls.

3. Marley Shelton

Marley’s very memorable turn as town lifeguard (and dream girl) Wendy Peffercorn was one of the highlights of the film. Her scene “reviving” Squintz was hilarious and that kiss made us all squeal with disgust. Arguably the most successful of the child actors in The Sandlot, Marley has acted in several movies and TV shows since. Her most recent project was the TV series, The Lottery.

4. Chauncey Leopardi

Everyone loved Michael “Squints” Palledorous. His obsession with Wendy and his highly-quotable line “For-e-ver” made him one of the best-loved characters in the movie. He acted throughout the 90’s, most notably on the TV series Freaks and Geeks, but isn’t currently appearing in anything new. In interview, he says that being remembered as Squints even today is an honor and that he’s happy to have been a part of something that clearly meant a lot to kids at the time.

5. Patrick Renna

Patrick’s character of Hamilton “Ham” Porter is definitely the most-quoted of the entire movie, having been the star of the many key scenes in the film. Who could forget his s’mores monologue or the name-calling battle with the members of the town’s “real” Little League team? And of course, he was the one to utter “You’re killing me, Smalls” — something adults in their 30’s still say to friends to this day. Patrick is still a very prolific actor with a role in the Syfy original movie Lavalantula, coming out later this month. Of course, we will always know him best for his memorable role in The Sandlot.

6. Marty York

Marty played the role of Alan “Yeah Yeah” McClennan. His character in the movie was always the sidekick and known for answering questions with “yeah yeah,” hence, his nickname. However, Marty grew up to be pretty much awful, having been arrested for domestic violence in 2009. He topped off that classy move by asking fans of The Sandlot to help fund his defense. Not cool, Yeah Yeah. Not cool at all.

7. Brandon Adams

Brandon’s character of Kenny DeNunez was the best pitcher in town, known for throwing “heaters." Now, Brandon is trying to become a rapper and is known by his stage name, B. Lee. He had parts in Moesha, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Mighty Ducks, alongside The Sandlot costar, Mike Vitar. He hasn’t been involved in any recent acting projects.

8. Grant Gelt

Grant played the part of Bertram Grover Weeks in the film, best known for his role in trying to get the Babe Ruth-autographed baseball back from The Beast. Grant hasn't done much acting since his Sandlot days but now works as an artist manager with Velvet Hammer.