The Internet Is Wooing Us With #NewWaysToSayILoveYou

It's the hashtag for the lovesick and the weird.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

I love you. It’s not always easy to say those three little words. Luckily with gifs, memes and hashtags, we don’t have to. Tongue-tied? We scoured today’s trending topic #NewWaystoSayILoveYou for the best ways to say the magic words without actually saying anything at all. Then we ranked them. 

1. Most Creepy

The killer from those Friday the 13th movies and John Cusack in Say Anything were onto something. Scare your crush into loving you with a hockey mask and boom box.

2. Most Furry & Adorable

Who can resist a cute, furry puppy? Now, multiply that times five. This puppy bouquet beats red roses any day.

3. Most High Calorie

What’s better than Thin Mints? The limited-edition Girl Scouts cookies have us willing to risk it all. Nothing beats Thin Mints…except maybe Samoas.

4. Most Delicious

Salty, porky, fatty goodness. The way to a carnivore’s heart is frying up strips of delicious bacon. No meal necessary.

5. Most Honest

And if your cooking isn’t the greatest…Just keep it all the way 1000. Hook em with takeout and pizza delivery.

6. Most Rent-Controlled

Wi-Fi and rent ain’t cheap. Give them a key to your heart by giving them a key to your apartment and Internet.

7. Most Presidental

Bump. Bump. Bump. Perfection.

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