The Man Who Hit Kris Jenner's Car Is Now Homeless

The accident changed everything for him.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Remember that crazy car accident momager Kris Jenner was in last week? She may be fine, but the man who hit her is still dealing with some pretty serious repercussions.

So, to recap: Kris was driving her white Rolls Royce on a freeway in Los Angeles when a Prius ran a red light and slammed into the front of her car. Kris was fine, though the front of her car wasn't, and the worst she walked away with was an injured wrist. However, Jack Way - the man who crashed into her - is struggling, to say the least.

TMZ reports that the L.A. based actor/model who hit Kris' car with his Prius was actually living in his car at the time of the accident. His car was totaled as a result of the collision, so now not only is Way carless, he's homeless now, too.

Because the accident was his fault and he doesn't have collision insurance, he hasn't been able to afford a new car, but he may be taking a more aggressive approach soon; TMZ reports that he's lawyering up and has been in contact with Larry H. Parker, an attorney known for getting clients the big bucks.

So is Kris headed for a legal battle? Even if it gets that far, something tells me she can handle it.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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