The Mormon Church Is Okay With Gays Now! Wait, Not Really

Homosexuality "can never be anything but transgression," says an LDS elder.

The Mormon Church has a long and complicated history with its LGBTQ members. While there are plenty of nuances to the discussion, it seems pretty clear that although Mormons might be polite and accepting in a certain, specific way, they simply do not approve of gay relationships or gay identity. Now, as per a new campaign on the church's website, the group is attempting to become slightly less openly homophobic — but they still want gays to either live lives of complete celibacy or marry heterosexually anyway.

Here's one of the new 8-minute videos officially released by the church, which shows a slightly more empathetic attitude towards queers than one might immediately expect:

The moral behind the video is clear: despite the niceties of compassion, homosexuality is something to be struggled with and ultimately conquered rather than embraced.

Here's another video with the same idea:

In other places in the church's doctrine, there lie some pretty starkly bigoted attitudes. “Homosexual behavior is contrary to those doctrines, always will be, and can never be anything but transgression. It’s something that deprives people of those highest expectations and possibilities that God has for us," says elder D. Todd Christofferson in a video on the church's site, making it clear that whatever progress is being made by the church, they are still firmly against LGBTQs.

"Throughout the site, sexuality is cast as something that is a burden, causes pain, necessitates struggle, while the church’s conditional tolerance is merely a fact of life," says Rich Juzwiak of Jezebel, critcizing the church's position. "You don’t need a mirror to see that the LDS has things backwards," he concludes.

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