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The Mother Of 50 Cent's Son Just Ruined Him On Instagram

This is getting out of hand, though.

The social media feud between 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his oldest son Marquise, continues - unfortunately.

Most recently, 50 and Shaniqua started going at it over Twitter and Instagram after Shaniqua posted a photo of one of 50's "adopted" kids and essentially made fun of him. 50 responded by basically saying he hopes she gets run over by a bus and posting evidence of her home getting foreclosed.

Messy, right? It doesn't look like they're gonna let up anytime soon, though. Following 50's foreclosure jibes, Shaniqua clapped back, hard.

First, she started retweeting other people throwing shade at her ex.

After that, she put him on blast about his foreclosure Instagram post, writing, "I SOLD MY HOUSE... But you knew that. I had to give the court my closing papers That my house was sold, because you're contesting Jurisdiction due to the fact you don't want to pay for college. That nice Asian family I sold my house to, I'm going to notify them of you putting their address up on IG for the world to see."

She continued, "If you would run your business like you run your mouth Bankrupt king you would have that 18.3 mill you owe sleek headphones and that 7mill you owe Rick Ross Baby Momma. Run a long Now."

Will the back-and-forth ever end? Or, the real question - will 50 ever get tired of publicly trashing his son's mother? For his son's sake, let's hope so.

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