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The Oscars Had The Worst Live TV F*ck-Up In History And We're All Still In Shock

Steve Harvey has nothing on this.

Woooooooowwww! Has the entire history of the Academy Awards led to Sunday night’s telecast? It would explain why we sat through so many hours of incredibly boring pandering, commercials and speeches where hundreds of thousands of people we’ve never heard of got thanked. It was all worth it because on Sunday night we got to see the biggest live TV f**k up of all time.

Everyone knew the contest was really between La La Land and Moonlight, and a lot of meaning was hung on these two films. La La Land, an old Hollywood style movie about two white people saving jazz, and Moonlight, a film about a young black man growing up in Miami which was lauded for its diversity. Hmm, what kind of a movie usually gets awards?

It seemed like La La Land took the win, as many cynically expected. Warren Beatty opened the card, look at it all confused, then handed it off to Faye Dunaway who laughingly announced the win. The producers of La La Land ran up on stage to accept their Oscar and that’s when stuff started getting really crazy.

Several producers got through thank-you-speeches as a bunch of serious men were whispering and gesturing in the background to each other over the card. Suddenly La La Land producer Fred Berger said, “We lost by the way.” Others on stage confirmed. No one knew what the hell was happening.

Apparently, Beatty and Dunaway pulled a Steve Harvey. Their card read “Emma Stone La La Land.” Emma Stone won for Best Actress, an award handed out just before Best Picture. No one is certain yet how the card got recycled, but the long and short of it is that Moonlight was the true winner of the evening. La La Land handed over their statuettes and Moonlight director Barry Jenkins was able to make his speech, as full of wonder and disbelief as you can imagine.

And yes, we wish this could have happened at the election.

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