The Raindrop Cake Is The Hottest Dessert On Instagram

This Japanese dessert boggles the mind and the palate.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The Raindrop Cake is taking over dessert plates in New York City and social media. Made from unsweetened spring water, it's the cake that looks like a huge droplet of water. It's almost too pretty to eat--almost.

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According to The Village Voicethe Raindrop Cake is "nestled between a mound of roasted soybean flour and a puddle of dark brown sugar syrup, it's made from unsweetened spring water and set with agar, an algae-derived gelatinous substance that makes it jiggle like Jell-O." The cake made its Big Apple debut earlier this month at the Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn. Since then, everyone from Today to Slate has gushed about the gorgeous dessert.

According to Slate, chef Darren Wong was inspired to create the cake based upon the Japanese dessert mizu shingen mochiThe Village Voice clarifies that the dessert isn't really a cake per se but rather the term is loosely translated from Japanese. 

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So what does this photogenic dessert taste like? The Village Voice writer who tried it, describes it as "flavorful and refreshing" and claims, "each bite burst and melted in my mouth." New Yorkers can sample the raindrop cake for themselves at Smorgasburg for $8 or SenYa's in the East Village for $5. For everyone else, there's always Instagram.

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