There's Now A Dating Show Where People Say Hello With Tongue

Love at first taste.

By Aimée Lutkin

Lots of people kiss (or more) on the first date, but you’re usually a couple drinks in.

TLC has taken the premise of a wildly viral video commercial and made it into a reality TV show. If you somehow forgot, despite the deluge of parody videos that followed, watch this:

Two strangers stand back to back, turn at the starting signal and SMOOCH. That’s all there really is to Love At First Kiss, but I assume the episodes will be stretched out by answering the question, “What do you say to someone when you already know if you’d like to kiss them again or not?”

It would be amazing if a couple kissed and one of them was like, “Thanks but no thanks!” and walked off camera. End of show.

Apparently, though, the kissing is more like speed dating with your mouth. You trade spit instead of anecdotes. If contestants feel a spark they go on a two-minute chat date. After that, the television is only the beginning. Contestants are encouraged to go on a date outside the show’s parameters -- because if we aren’t doing this for love, then what is all for?


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