These Best Friends Created The Best Beauty Account On Instagram

Your beauty frustrations are over with this Instagram account

Best friends share everything, including makeup tips. But what happens when that perfect lipstick or blush looks awesome on your bestie but terrible on you? This Instagram account solves that age-old problem of: "will it look good on me?"

Will It Look Good On Me Tho features two friends - Piaget “Pia” Ventus and Michelle Meredith - as they try on the same makeup. As Refinery 29 points out, Ventus is black with dark hair and Meredith is white with freckles and strawberry-blond hair. Both are adorable.

Some looks, like a classic red lip, look awesome on both beauties.


Skin tones, eye color, hair color and facial characteristics all play a role in how a look may work for one girl but not-so-great on the other.


The best is when the two girls rock the same makeup, hair and outfits. Twinsies!


In case you need a crash course on what makeup looks best on you, according to makeup artists,  InStyle has this handy guide. Of course, you can always ditch the rules and rock whatever you want. That's what we'd do.

[Photos: Instagram]


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