These Kids Dressed As Rihanna, Beyonce, And Prince Just Won Halloween

They're outdoing everyone this year. 

Kids are really stepping up their game this Halloween! Back in my day, we settled for dressing up as whatever cartoon characters were hot that year, but this year, it's all about real famous people.

Just look at 5 year-old Kylie Rae Brooks, who slayed the internet with her Beyonce costumes. Both Kylie and her mom Diana Alvarez are Beyonce superfans; Kylie has been a fan since she was a baby, and so it came as no surprise when she asked her mom if she could dress up like Queen Bey for Halloween. Together, they recreated two of Bey's most iconic looks.

"She kept looking at herself in the mirror," Diana told Buzzfeed. "She didn't want to take it off."

Can you blame her? She absolutely slayed these looks.

Another little girl's Halloween costume is so on point that she even got a celeb shoutout on social media. Rihanna was so impressed by her mini-me that she reposted the pics on her Instagram and captioned it, "Halloween goals!" No one knows the little girl's name (yet) but what we do know is that she just won Halloween.

Here's one for the Prince fans (aka everyone): this little kiddo dressed up as The Purple One and got everyone in their feelings about Prince's passing earlier this year. But anyway, look how cute he is!

[Photo: Instagram, Twitter]

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