These Psychologists Attempted To Explain Lindsay Lohan's New Accent

Not sure if this helped.

Lindsay Lohan has a new accent! It's pretty weird. Is it just for fun, to help pracist new languages, or... is it kind of crazy? Psychologists say perhaps none of the above! 

Vanity Fair consulted with two scientists who said Lohan's latest affectation could be an example of a rather common phenomenon known as the chameleon effect.

“She is making herself as the person with whom she is speaking with,” says Wojciech Kulesza, a psychologist who studies language. “Why do we do it? Liking is not the only goal. Mimicry—imitating behavior—is described as unconscious tendency to create bonds with others, a social glue which bonds us to other people. It seems it is imprinted in our nature.”

“If [Lohan] did have a slight Turkish accent in that interview, it would be quite consistent with the chameleon effect, assuming she wasn’t doing it on purpose and didn’t realize she was doing it,” added Tanya Chartrand, a psychologist who co-authored a study on the chameleon effect. "For instance, a classic example I give is an American talking to a British friend on the phone and then starting to speak themselves with a slight British accent without meaning to or being aware of it."

But something more complicated could be happening here: the chameleon effect usually happens unconsciously, meaning that people are often surprised when someone points it out. Lohan, on the other hand, seems to have done this purposefully — as evidenced by her tweeting about it later:

“Lohan appears very aware of her changing accent and where it comes from, which makes it more of a conscious phenomenon,” Chartrand said. “With non-conscious mimicry, people are usually surprised and even upset when someone points their mimicry out to them.”

So, basically: who knows! Someone should still get her some help though. She's had a tough 2016. We all have.

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