This Is Not A Drill: A New Frank Ocean Album Is Available For Streaming

But it's not the album we've all been waiting for.

By Eric Shorey

Frank Ocean fans have been eagerly anticpating the release of his album Boys Don't Cry ever since it was announced with a release date of August 5th.

August is already winding down and only rather recently were we getting any glimpses of the actual LP, which had been quietly and confusingly delayed.

And then, a shining light emerged in an otherwise hopelessly cloudy internet sky: an album is now streaming on Ocean's official website.

The catch here is that the new work has now been retitled and re-tooled as a visual album called Endless, which is (apparently?) separate from a different upcoming album. Rolling Stone recapped everything known about the new tracks in this video:

i-D has also rounded up a series of rumors and fan theories about what was going on behind the scenes.

You can now stream Endless over here.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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