This Might Be The Most Heartbreaking Tumblr Ever

Last Message Received is as sad as it sounds. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

We send so many texts on a daily basis—some good, some bad---but what would happen if you knew you had only one message left before someone special left your life forever? Last Message Received is a Tumblr that collects the very last messages between ex-friends, ex-lovers and even parents before someone dies, vanishes or decides to ghost.

Some messages are dramatic, like: “you’re bad for me.” “that’s why I love you so much.” Others are heartbreaking for reasons no one could have imagined. “Hi, where’d you go?” asks a girl to her boyfriend. He died of a seizure that night. 

Here are some of the saddest last messages received:

The Overdose

The Vanishing Boyfriend

The Jerk

Nothing Left to Say

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