This Teen's Speech On Rape Culture Is What Every Adult Should Hear, Today

Nadia Goldman is our shero today.

By Jazzi Johnson

How effectively are adults listening to the younger generation? It’s one question that I can’t help but wonder after hearing this 18-year-old’s speech about misogyny and rape culture. Speaking at her St. Paul, Minnesota High School, according to the Huffington Post, Nadia Goldman gave a heartfelt speech about how sexism and hyper-masculinity has affected her and her peers.


“Well, what does overreacting mean when one out of four women will be sexually assaulted in their four years of college?” Nadia asks mid-way through. "What does reacting look like, ‘cause I sure as hell don’t trust your ‘boys will be boys’. And how could I differentiate between the meaning of the two boys when the second ‘boys’ means sexual assault and physical assault and emotional assault, and rape?”

“And if anger isn’t a legitimate form of communication, at what point does ’stop’ become ’no’ become ‘you’re hurting me’ become ’no!’ become silence?" she continues.

She ended by dedicating her speech to anyone who has ever been hurt, de-prioritized, abused or forgotten about in the name of masculinity. This speech is a love poem to you, an appeal in hope of radical self-praise, an impossible demand on the structures of hetero-patriarchal rape culture.”

Watch, listen, and pay attention. Thank You, Nadia.

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