T.I. Condemns Donald Trump Over Rape Allegations, Azealia Banks Jumps In

Messy messy.

By Eric Shorey

It's easy to be angry about alternate-reality supervillain turned actual-reality presidential hopeful Donald Trump -- what with the racism and sexism and xenophobia and bad hairdos. But when stories about rape allegations made against the Republican candidate broke last week, many were angry on a whole new level. Amongst the many was rapper T.I.who posted a screenshot of an article on the subject with a shocked and appalled caption:

Well, OK!

But somehow this rather innocuous comment invoked the wrath of one particular artist: alternate-reality supervillain turned actual-reality rapper Azealia Banks. An outpsoken (but maybe ironic?) Trump supporter, Banks fired back with a (since deleted) Instagram post of her own. Screenshot via TheBoomBox.com:

“Someone PLEASE take the thesaurus away from t.i…. Real sweet coming from the guy who is 5’2″, endorsed a runaway slave master, has multiple felony weapon convictions, let’s his kids carry guns, and publicly threatens women with physical harm….. Real sweet,” she wrote. (Did you catch that Iggy Azealia shade, by the way?)

As per usual, it's hard to tell where Banks' trolling ends and where her actual opinions begin. She has previously endorsed Trump -- although it's totally unclear if this is a general indictment of the evils of America or an actual political position. 

Meanwhile, T.I. ain't clapping back just yet. Probably best to stay far away from this one.

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