T.I. Flipped Out Onstage After A Male Fan Grabbed His Butt [Video]

"Don't put your hands on my ass again, bro."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

A T.I. fan got super handsy and inappropriate during a recent performance and had to face the rapper's wrath as a result.

As seen in the video posted on social media, T.I. was in the middle of performing "Whatever You Like" when he stops suddenly and looks around, apparently confused, until he figures out who the culprit is and leans over the crowd to confront him.

"Don't put your hands on my ass again, bro," T.I. can be heard saying during the video. "What the f*ck's wrong with you, n---a? I will f*ck you up! Never touch my motherf*cking ass [...] We came to have a good time, but I ain't with disrespect."

Check out a clip of the incident below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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