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Very Real

Tiny Harris And T.I.'s Alleged Side Chick Bernice Burgos Are Fighting On Insta

The gloves are off.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
9 Facts About T.I.

Things are getting uglier than ever between T.I.'s (possibly soon-to-be ex) wife Tiny Harris and his alleged side chick Bernice Burgos.

Last month they blasted each other — without really naming names — on Instagram, with Tiny referring to Bernice as a "pass around b*tch" and Bernice firing back in a series of videos.

Now, the two women are done throwing shade and are going for each other's throats, Bossip reports. It all started when Bernice posted a video of her and a friend vibing to an Xscape song — you know, the same group that Tiny rose to fame as a member of.

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Petty or nah? Tiny sure thought so, and went off

"Funny... [Bernice Burgos], that Man U speaking of was laid up with his wife last night," she wrote, tagging Bernice in the post. "So quit being petty cause clearly u getting lied too if u thinking anything different. Hope u didn't take him serious! Now keep sanging my sh*t! U know u slick a fan anyway."

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Bernice wasted no time in firing back, writing, "We not about to sit here and argue about a n*gga hunny."

And then she proceeded to argue anyway.

"Okay you REALLY the grown up here HONESTLY I wasn't even funny u know what's petty? Me singing the biggie smalls verse that would've been really petty," Bernice said, referencing that time Biggie Smalls called the girls from Xscape ugly like 20 years ago. "Let me start off by saying you not even the old tiny from xscape you a whole new person. Fan? You been following me for some time now hun."

"I wanted to keep all of this off the internet because this really isn't me at all but you CLEARLY let this pretty face fool you," she continued. "Where I'm from? We don't type we really about that. And if you laid up with him then why you so pressed about me?"

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Meanwhile, the man of the hour hasn't stepped in to publicly defend either of the women. In an interview with Power 105.1, T.I. explained his split from Tiny, saying, "[She's] still one of the best friends I have in the world. I can just be a better best friend than a husband."

"There is no beef, we good. We straight," he continued. "Everybody else is the one who got the problem. We straight, we see each other, we speak, we talk, spend time together. We good."

You sure about that, Tip? It doesn't sound like he and Tiny are on one accord but let's hope, for their children's sake, that things really are as chill between them as T.I. claims.

[Photo: Getty Images, Instagram]

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