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Tomi Lahren Is Getting Dragged By Conservatives For Saying She's Pro-Choice

Trying to play both sides, eh?

Tomi, Tomi, Tammy. What you doing now? Despite her ultra-conservative, hypocritical beliefs and wild support of Donald Trump, more and more media outlets are trying to legitimize Tomi Lahren- probably because she is very blonde. Lahren was allowed on The View on Friday (Whoopi Goldberg’s day off, apparently), where she talked about her perspective and dropped the big surprise that she is pro-choice.

This set off a storm of anger from both fans of Lahren and everyone who hates her. Lots of folks on Twitter are shouting at her that a “true conservative” would never support abortion, while others are pointing out that Lahren has frequently called women who have abortions and their doctors “baby murderers.”

Lahren doubles-down harder, and appears to be making the case that though she thinks abortion is wrong, she also doesn’t think the government has a right to decide if you do it or not. “I speak my truth. If you don't like it, tough. I will always be honest and stand in my truth,” wrote Lahren, caught between a rock and hard place. She continued, “I have moderate, conservative, and libertarian views. I'm human. I will never apologize, to anyone, for being an independent thinker.”

We’ll see how long Lahren’s position remains firm now that her fans have become her enemies. There appears to be only one thing this lady really belives in: getting attention.

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