Too Lazy To Play Pokemon Go? This App Catches Pokemon For You

PokeWalk is like a dog walker for your phone.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Pokemon Go! is the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. Approximately 21 million active daily users are trying to catch all the Pokemon, but sometimes life--or wanting to be a couch potato--gets in the way. There's a new service that finds Pokemon for you when you can't.

PokeWalk is a phone walking service for Pokemon Go. Perfect for the lazy player, the app team picks up your phone and then takes it for a literal walk (2KMs, 5KMs or 10KMs) for you. They return your phone--at full battery--with more Pokemon!

PokeWalk says that its "professional walkers" have collected over one million miles. If they aren't able to cover the distance, there's a money-back guarantee: "If your requested distance isn't reached we'll run around the block as fast as we can AND refund your money."

The service starts at $10 for 2KM and goes up to $20 for 10KM.



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