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Trump Called A Black Man A "Thug" At His Rally...He's Actually A Die-Hard Supporter

Trump had the man escorted out of the rally after mistaking him for a protestor.

Trump has outdone himself this time.

At a campaign rally in Kinston, North Carolina last week, Trump had a black man kicked out. It turns out that the man was actually one of his biggest supporters.

The Washington Post reports that midway through Trump's speech, a commotion began to grow in the crowd; Trump fans began waving their signs in the direction of a black man to Trump's right, and it became clear that they were singling him out.

At first, Trump was unbothered, saying, "That's all right, leave him alone." He then quickly changed his tune, announcing, "We have a protester."

Trump's security detail quickly moved to escort the man out of the rally as the crowd cheered.

"By the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?" Trump called out as the man was led away. "Where's the protester? Where is he? Was he paid?"

Boy, was he wrong! The man, C.J. Cary, is actually a longtime Trump supporter. Cary told The Washington Post that he'd hoped to deliver a hand-written note to Trump at the rally, but that he understands why things went down the way they did.

"Everyone else is waving Trump signs and I'm waving this white letter," 63-year-old Cary said. The letter - or rather, 8-page document - was a letter of support for Trump and was full of ideas for how the presidential candidate could better appeal to Black and Latino voters.

There's a lot that could be said here about irony and the blatant racism and dangerous mob mentality of many Trump supporters, but it's all just too depressing. Can this election be over already? You can watch footage of Cary getting escorted out of the rally below.

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