TV Networks Reject Advertisement Featuring Plus Size Models In Lingerie

The commercial was rejected "as is" -- whatever that means.

By Eric Shorey

Well, what the hell is this? A report from TMZ is suggesting that multiple TV networks are refusing to air a commercial for Lane Bryant that features a handful of plus size models in lingerie.

The commercial in question stars the gorgeous Ashley Graham, who was just featured as the first plus size model on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and is for Lane Bryant's line of undergarments.

No specifics were given by ABC and NBC for the rejection of the commerical; the spot was turned away "as is" -- whatever that means.

As TMZ points out, the amount of skin bared by the women in the proposed advertisement is surely not the issue considering smaller women regularly appear in less clothing (see: pretty much any Victoria Secret commerical ever).

You can check out the rejected video for yourself, below:

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