Twitter Roasted Tristan Thompson After He Tweeted This About The Movie 'Get Out'

Hint: Art reflects life reflects Khloe.

By Aimée Lutkin

Minor spoilers for Jordan Peele’s Get Out below:

Tristan Thompson is the current controversial boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian. Traditionally, most of the loves of the Kardashian sisters get hit pretty hard with the spotlight pretty hard. The thing about the spotlight is that it doesn’t always make you look too good! Thompson has been getting a lot of criticism for constantly talking about his girlfriend on social media—but never acknowledging the child he just had with another woman. The situation is a bit awkward, but he’s a dad now. His baby should at least get some public love.

Khloé must have him under some kinda spell, which is pretty reminiscent of a movie that broke the box office last weekend. Get Out is comedian Jordan Peele’s first solo feature, and it’s basically a horror suspense film about race in America. The main character, Chris, is a black man dating a white woman. When they go to visit her parents in suburbia, he realizes they’re doing something very sinister to all the black people in the neighborhood. Heavy sh*t.

Anyway, Tristan Thompson liked it:

BET reports that Thompson’s brief Twitter review exploded into a drag-a-thon, as person after person drew a comparison between him and Chris in tweet after tweet:

Are the Kardashians a group of white women draining the power from black men? Things that work as metaphor in a movie are perhaps too severe a criticism to apply to actual human beings, particularly as it suggests that Thompson has zero agency in this situation. It seems unlikely that he’s actually hypnotized, except possibly by money.

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