Tyga Finally Paid His Biggest Debt But He Still Might See Jail Time

Will he show to fight his no-show punishment?

By Aimée Lutkin

Tyga has been avoiding payment on a very steep bill he accrued while renting a Malibu mansion. I say “renting,” but it was more like he was squatting there, since he owed the landlord about $480,000. Tyga was taken to court over the matter, but he failed to show up for his court appointment.

That’s when things got crazy. The judge issued an arrest warrant, which really pissed off the Kardashians. They were not thrilled by the idea that Tyga might get pulled over driving Kylie Jenner’s gifted $200,000 birthday car, with Kylie in it. Those are some paparazzi photos that the family would not be thrilled about.

Where was Tyga during all this? Partying with his girlfriend for her birthday in the Bahamas. Fun for them, tense for everyone else.

Now it looks like Tyga has finally woken up to reality, and reality is expensive. TMZ reports that Tyga has settled with his landlord over the bill, though perhaps not for as much as the landlord is owed. Tyga owes a lot of people a lot of money, so maybe the guy decided it was in his best interest to take what he could get.

On Friday, Tyga goes to court to get the warrant dismissed, but it may not be enough. The issue wasn’t the money for the judge—it was the no-show. We’ll see if Tyga shows up to fight that.


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