Tyga Owes An Injured Fan An Insane Amount Of Money

A judge ordered him to pay up last year but the fan hasn't received a dime.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Tyga owes a fan some serious cash, but will he ever pay up?

According to TMZ, Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga's company back in 2015 after she was injured during one of his concerts in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A light stand fell on her head, resulting in head trauma and permanent scarring. A judge awarded Riekena around $235k last year but Tyga's company, Tyga Music, still hasn't paid up.

As a result, Riekena is going through the legal motions to get a judge to force Tyga to pay what she's owed, which, thanks to interest, is now in the neighborhood of $248k.

Riekena's attorney, Boris Treyzon, told TMZ that Riekena's case is the third time he's been hired to collect cash from Tyga. Looking back at all the headlines about Tyga skipping court dates and ignoring arrest warrants, that's not exactly hard to believe.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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