Tyga Really, Really Wants You To Know That He And Kylie Have Sex

"Gone Too Far" is probably about Tyga's sex life. #TMI

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

For some reason, Tyga seems obsessed with reminding the world that he and Kylie have sex. 

The "Rack City" rapper dropped a new track on New Years day called "Gone Too Far," and - surprise! - it's probably about Kylie. In it, he raps about an unspecified girl with whom, I guess, has gone too far? Or is Tyga referencing what other people think of his relationship with Kylie by calling the song that?  A sampling of the lyrics: "She gonna do it for a promise ring/P**** every night, remember what you promised me?"

It seems he either gets off on the illicitness of being with Kylie when she was still a teenager, or more likely, he's just milking the only cash cow he's got. Were it not for his connection to the Kardashian/Jenner clan, he wouldn't be where he is today, riding in private jets with leopards and tables full of money. So maybe this all just makes Tyga a genius.  

Stay classy, Tyga. You can listen to the track for yourself below.

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