Want To Live Under The Sea? New Architecture Says You Can

Check out these amazing underwater villas

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Living "under the sea" isn't just for Little Mermaid fans anymore. Underwater villas are real -- and may be the coolest living spaces ever.

According to CNN, the Floating Seahorse villas are part of a new resort in Dubai. Located in the Arabian Sea, the homes float like boats and feature an entire floor underwater, making for some incredible views. 

"This is an original idea, to have a boat villa with a submerged floor where you can experience the feeling of stepping down into the master bedroom, be in contact directly with the walls, and see the reef, the marine life all around you -- you're surrounded by it," says the project's architect, Gianfranco Rasile. 

Don't worry about getting seasick. The architectural team assures that the villas won't bounce around. 

50 of these cutting-edge dwellings will be available by the end of the year and 131 are set to be completed by 2017. 

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