Watch 50 Cent's Hilarious 'Star Wars' Audition

The people behind a galaxy far, far away should be taking even bigger casting risks, right?

By Eric Shorey

We have a few agonizing months until the next Star Wars film comes out. We've already gushed over the choice of Felicity Jones as the lead for the upcoming prequel, Rogue One -- but what if the people behind a galaxy far, far away decided to take some even bigger casting risks?

Enter everyone's favorite totally not bankrupt rapper, 50 Cent! In a recent sketch on CONAN, a handful of actors were filmed trying out for the recently-cast role of a young Han Solo. Comedians like Melissa McCarthy, Will Arnet, Adam Sandler and Bill Hader put in a good showing...but the real stand-out was Fitty:

Other surprises in the video include cameos from legends like Jodie F*cking Foster and Jeff Goldblum, but let's be real, we're here for Curtis James Jackson III. Replace Chewie with a hulking bodyguard named, like, Biznass or something and this movie will be gucci. 


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