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Watch Chrissy Teigen Handle A Nip Slip Like A Pro (Video)

On stage and everything.

It's official: Chrissy Teigen is more unbothered than any of us could ever hope to be. While on stage during her husband John Legend's concert earlier this week, Teigen experienced what many women would probably consider one of their worst nightmares: public accidental overexposure.

Chrissy and John were dancing together to his aptly-titled hit "Slow Dance" when Chrissy's boob slipped right out of the top of her black dress. John had her back, quickly covering her back up without missing a beat, but Chrissy was majorly unbothered and even started playing it up for the crowd.

If nothing else, it beats running off the stage in tears. Check it out below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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