Watch Nick Cannon's Powerful Slam Poem About The #OscarsSoWhite Controversy

First things first: this isn't "another trophy rant."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

This year's ceremony is shaping up to be one of the most controversial Academy Awards ever, and it's not even February yet. The #OscarsSoWhite backlash has taken over headlines as of late, and it seems like a new celeb is joining the conversation every day. Nick Cannon is the latest celeb to weigh in, but not only is he doing it in a different way - via a spoken word poem posted to his Facebook page on Sunday - but what he's saying is some pretty powerful stuff.

It's not "another trophy rant" - Nick makes that clear in the video, first thing. He's more interested in the bigger issues at hand, like police brutality and the prison industrial complex. And as for whether or not Chris Rock should still take the job?

"That's why I told Chris, man go 'head and rock that sh*t./You got the juice now./Fight the power./Hell yeah, I'm gonna watch that ceremony where they gonna let a black man be the Master for at least two hours." Clearly, Nick is all for it.

Whether or not you agree that the Oscars controversy is a distraction from bigger issues, you can't deny that this is a powerful piece that touches on a lot of important issues. Check it out for yourself below.

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